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Stahlwerk Bous supplies cast ingot and continious casting formats in the way you need them: manufactured to your exact individual requirements in one of our many moulds or the modern continuous casting line, with flexible and reliable delivery to suit your needs. Steel in over 800 grades for forges and rolling mills around the world.

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Cast ingot


Our customers’ requirements are constantly changing. But with crude steel, we have an answer to these market dynamics that is both reliable and impressive.

The crude steel is produced in an electric arc furnace (EAF). With a batch weight of around 140 tonnes, the liquid steel is cast into ingots subject to a successful secondary metallurgy process.

Size range:
  • Weight: 1.5 - 62-tonne ingots 
  • Shape: round, 4-edge, polygonal

Continuous casting


As an alternative to the ingot, we also offer you the billet form. 

Following crude steel production process in the electric arc furnace, the steel enters the 2-core continuous casting line and is poured into blooms. 

  • Dimensions round: 310 mm, 370 mm, 406 mm,
    430 mm, 500 mm
  • Dimensions squared: 320 x 280 mm and 430 x 320 mm
  • Delivery lengths: 2.7 to 13.0 m

Application development


We work closely and intensively with our customers to develop new and advanced steel materials to fulfil the diverse requirements of various markets. Optimising the technological and resource efficiency of your components is always a priority. A variety of simulation programmes are used in an early stage of the development work.

  • Consideration of the entire process chain
  • Use of lightweight construction possibilities
  • Fewer resources used in component manufacture
  • Improvement in overall efficiency of your end products